All sessions are by appointment only.

Appointment hours: Monday- Friday: 10:00am- 6:00pm

                                       Saturday: 10:00am- 3:00pm

Please call (610)476-1520 to set up appointment. 

Existing Clients: Massage sessions begin at scheduled appointment time. please arrive a couple minutes early to get yourself ready on the massage table, and to discuss any changes with your therapist.

First time clients: Massage sessions begin at scheduled appointment time. Please arrive 10- 15 minutes early to fill out and review Intake Form. 

Late arrival with result in loss of session time at the same cost of initial session duration. No exceptions!

Massage therapy can be one of the most important elements to maintaining proper health. Three Circles Therapeutics understands cost can be a reason why enough people dont receive massage. Three Circles gives clients the best quality body work they need for a competitive rate. 

$30 - 30 minutes 

$60 - 60 minutes 

$90 - 90 minutes 

Considerations to make your massage most pleasing: 

*Take a warm hot shower before to relax the mind and ease muscle tension. The therapist will appreciate you're cleanliness.

*Breathe: It’s crucial that you breathe fully and deeply when difficult areas are being worked on so as to oxygenate your blood supply and aid tense muscle tissue.

*Drink a healthy amount of water after your appointment to rehydrate the development of healthy muscle tissue and to help remove metabolic waste

*Communicate: Be sure to ask your therapist to spend more time on a certain area if that is what you want. Tell your therapist if something he is doing is uncomfortable, if the pressure is not right, or if you have a question about what he is doing. This will help both the client and therapist feel safe and trusted.

*Avoid eating right before: Massage stimulates digestion. Eating lightly right before a massage, and having a meal a few hours prior is suggested. Don’t starve yourself in the preceding hours, as you may feel dizzy or light headed during the massage as a result Eating lightly one to two hours beforehand will allow for digestion while not making you feel uncomfortably full.

*Allow and don't be embarrassed of bodily functions. Massage can improve digestion. It’s not uncommon for people to pass gas during a massage session, it’s completely normal.

*Use the restroom if needed before the session. Having to get up during the session can break therapeutic relaxation.

*Timing: Some people feel invigorated from receiving massage and like to make this the start to their days, while others like to eliminate stress from work and life with massage after a long day.

*Undressing: Massage therapists are trained professionals and your undressing can lead to a better appointment. Undress to the point of where you feel comfortable. Your therapist will keep you covered with sheets or draping where appropriate, but you should know that undergarments can sometimes get in the way of long strokes or pressure points and inhibit you from experiencing the best massage possible.

*It shouldn't hurt: There may be slight pain in stretching or having tight or tensed muscles worked on, but relaxation really is the key. If too much force is provided, the muscle tissue tightens up, creating more pain, possibly bruising muscle tissue and causing damage. Again, be sure to let your therapist know if something hurts.

*Similar to exercise, one massage a year isn't going to give its fullest benefits. While one massage can certainly help, it packs the greatest benefits over time. Massage therapy should be considered part of a long-term wellness routine. Massage is recommended once every week- six weeks. 

*Treat tissue soreness: Your muscles can get a little sore after a massage for the same reason they do after an exercise session: Muscles are being worked. After deep work, icing and/or light stretching is recommended to lessen the immediate soreness.

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